What can you expect?

You have completed and submitted my Get in Touch form.

So what happens next?

I will contact you for a free initial consultation to talk through how I can best help you. This will give me an idea of which services you require from me.

I can then put together an initial proposal summarising your requirements and timescales including details of my terms and conditions and quotation.

Copywriting is about so much more than just writing a few words and the steps outlined below offer a general guideline of what is likely to follow once you have approved the proposal and agreed for us to work together.

General overview of my copywriting process 

With the proposal approved, we will start work on a more detailed brief outlining the finer points and answering questions such as:

What would you like to achieve with this copywriting?

Who will I be writing for? How would you like ‘to sound’? (your tone of voice)

What is your unique selling point (USP)? What do your customers love about you?

Do you have a desired customer reaction in mind? What call to action (CTA) are you looking for when they process your content?

Who are your main competitors?

Having learned more about you, your needs and the project in detail, I will move on to the next step.

I will undertake additional research, for example:

  • reading your existing website, brochures, reports or blog posts
  • check out the type of content used by your competitors
  • liaise with those involved in this project

Obtaining more depth and insight into your business are important when it comes to deciding on the type of wording, tone of voice and specific terminology for the new content.

The tailored part. This is where I will start creating your new content.

I will produce up to two drafts for you to review and tell me whether it needs any tweaking or amendments.

At this stage it is important that you also check that the content is factually accurate, that the tone of voice has the right feel to it, and that you are happy with the flow of information.

Once I have received and incorporated all of your feedback, I will produce your final draft.

Of course, when nothing needs changing after the first draft and you’re happy with the content as it is, then we simply move straight on to completing the final copy.

This is the exciting bit. I present you with your new content for you to sign off on.

The ultimate aim – your new content is ready to go live.

You have completed the sign off and are keen to start using your new content.

Once you have made your final payment, the ownership of the new copy officially transfers to you. Ready for you to use as you see fit.

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