Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy is copywriting so important?

Good copywriting helps you to sell a product or service more easily.

With so many online searches taking place each day, you only have a very small amount of time to engage with your reader before their attention moves on to something else.

Well written content will encourage your reader to take action.

They want to understand quickly what you are offering and how this will help and benefit them.

Persuasive copy. Informative. Connect.

What does SEO copywriting mean?

SEO copywriting is a form of online content writing that includes keywords or phrases that your target audience (customers) type into a search engine to look for information that they want.

This type of copywriting helps to get your online content noticed by search engines (such as Google) and rank higher in search results.

More website visits. More leads.

What do you charge?

Rates for copywriters vary and should reflect their level of skills and experience.

Some publish their hourly rates and others, like myself, prefer to quote per project.

Once I understand your exact requirements I will provide you with a quote. That way you will know right from the start what it will cost you and allow you to budget for it.

Want to find out more?

Contact me. I offer a free initial telephone, video or face-to-face consultation (if you are local) to discover how I can help you.

We can then work out a plan together of how to achieve this.

Simply get in touch here,


or call me on +44 (0)7766554615.

Grow your business with tailored creative copywriting.

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